Our Services

We are passionate about science, driven by our clients’ needs and evolving healthcare markets, and guided by nearly 30 years of Nucleus Global’s history of delivering relevant, accurate, strategic, and impactful medical communications. This is what we know. This is what we think about.

Strategic Planning and Support

Using our scientific and industry knowledge, we guide communication strategies and translate these into effective, multichannel, tailored tactical plans.

Publications Planning and Execution

Our global publication plan development and scientific editorial implementation is comprehensive and based on strategic analyses and research, with outputs according to Good Publication Practice.

External Expert Engagement

Guided by experience and knowledge of the field, we provide a complete and detailed range of services to identify, map, engage, and develop strong relationships with external experts.

Scientific Event Management

From small advisory boards to satellite symposia, webcasts, and stand-alones, we can support all aspects, with services ranging from content development to meeting logistics.

Internal Communications and Training

We provide a range of tailored solutions to support internal alignment, collaboration, and
best-practice sharing.

Clinical Trial Support

We can deliver an extensive range of activities to support communication among investigators and to optimize clinical trial recruitment, eg, clinical trial packs and investigator meetings.

Professional Medical Education and Marketing Support

Our offerings cover a complete spectrum of services and programs delivered to healthcare professionals and patients, ranging from promotional materials and the latest digital solutions, to
high-science core slide sets and 3-D mechanism-of-action animations.

Patient Education and Healthcare Marketing

We take a patient-centered approach when distilling complex scientific and clinical concepts for impact and accuracy in messaging to patients and their healthcare providers. Our patient-facing materials reflect our core values to provide clear, meaningful communications that support
patients’ needs.